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    • Lyrics [Dj Walinsky Ft Muno - Never Regret { Zouk Remix } 2k16].
    • The Roc Project feat. Tina Arena - Never (Dj TiĆ«sto

      I can't do it......
      I can't be with you again
      Don't remind of the good times that we had
      Learned a lot from us since then
      And I never want these feelings to ever come again,
      no, no

      You'll never hear me crying
      You'll never see me trying
      To love you once again
      Your love is so past tense
      Please don't tell me that you've changed
      Don't want to hear of how you've lost your evil ways
      The one whose changed this time is me
      And I won't go back to feeling helpless and deceived

      Repeat Chorus

      Your love, your love
      You think you had me fooled every now and then
      You had me believing that I was the reason that you
      But I won't fall back in love with you again
      I don't even wanna be, your friend, no, no
      Repeat Chorus