Ragnarok / Gåten Ragnarok 2013
Zagubiona tożsamość / Lost Girl

///EDIT: OMG please watch my newer videos PLEASEEEE blehh x.x //// Warning: genderbending, crossdressing, bakura smexyness, lady gaga. All that good stuff XD Oh how i love Kura and all my new pictures XD I actually picked this song because of how many pictures i have of him in diffrent outfits, and also cause it kinda fits my girly side XD I really love how this turned out. DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN YUGIOH, BAKURA (i wish XD), THE MUSIC, ART OR ANYTHING IN THIS VIDEO! NOTHINGS MINE NOR WILL IT EVER BE. NO COPYWRIGHT INTENDED! EVERYTHING BELONGS TO ITS RIGHTFULL OWNERS, NOT ME!