Dollhouse (2009–2010)
BluRay До свидания там, наверху Au revoir là-haut

    • Lyrics [Marina Abramovic's Relentless, Violent Genius | Brilliant Ideas Ep. 26].
    • Cortex of destruction swallows all within its wake
      Violent epiphany of everlasting pain
      Gravestones light the path - spirits wish to die
      Mausoleum of horror shows the way

      Blinded in their cell
      Lost without a sign
      Tortures await
      Forever lost inside

      Buried in a darkened state and clawing at the lid
      Those you trusted laugh as you suffer within your skin
      Daylight turns to black now accept your death
      Eyes are widening realize the past


      Time for suffering
      You are dead inside
      Feel the loss of hope
      And your demise
      See the face of death
      Fear that grows inside
      Watch your life erase

      Now you realize
      You are dead inside
      There will be no end
      To your demise
      See the face of death
      Fear that grows inside
      Watch your life
      Watch it pass you by

      [Chorus x2]

Pioneer of performance art, Marina Abramović is one of the most acclaimed, remarkable and influential contemporary artists in the world today. Born in Belgrade in 1946, she pushes the boundaries of both body and mind in works such as the now-legendary "Rhythm 0" where she relinquished all control to her audience and for eight hours permitted them to use a series of objects, including a gun, on her person. Abramović's most recent show, "As One," is at the Benaki Museum in Athens, where she has been mentoring young Greek performance artists as well as introducing her audience to The Abramović Method, as practised by Lady Gaga. Watch more Brilliant Ideas:

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