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    • Lyrics [Jessie Before and After 2017].
    • In this world of mysteries
      With so many secrets yet to release
      I held on to the seeds I knew
      when I was younger than the day, when I grew
      Witness this lonliness and how the empty
      space caresses my emtpy face as I call the name.

      I will be dreaming and I will remain the same.
      Nothing here can open up the door.
      And I will be wondering why this was meant to be.
      What will come After Before??

      Life a flash from a clear-blu sky.
      The thought just struck me and it hurts so bad.
      Now I wonder if it's worth to sigh.
      Because I feel I'm going slightly mad.

      Summer, autumn, winter, spring.
      Is there something they will bring?
      Anything new under the sun.
      In my dreams I never stop to run.

      I will be dreaming....

      [Music by Unicorn, Lyrics by Dan Swano]

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