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    • Lyrics [Harvey Milk - The End].
    • An aqua world, the place I dwell
      a glass menagerie
      A filter, eight ball, rocks and plants
      Air that you can’t breathe
      My happy home a wet domain
      Atlantis of my own
      See me now, so big and plump
      Just wait ‘til I’m full grown

      I’m getting bigger and bigger, look out below
      I’m getting bigger and bigger, just watch me grow (2x)

      Post chorus:
      Expanding, expanding - my mind, my body, my soul
      Stretching out like spandex, expanding some more
      Expanding, expanding - so big, so fat, and so what
      Stretched out like a canvas, I like it that way - so shut up

      A spatial problem, it’s plain to see
      I’m larger than the world would like me to be
      F e e d Me
      I can always eat
      Flounder, grouper, bluegill, bass
      They know that I’m in charge
      A tidal wave when I flip my fin
      They know that I’m living large, yeah


      Damn, I’m fat
      Colossal, extreme and that is that
      No one would have ever guessed
      A little carp like me could so impress
      Plugging up the waterways, I’m pulling my weight
      A question and concern for some to contemplate
      Swimming around I’m living on my own
      Don’t mess with me you’d best leave it alone

10.27.06 @ drunken unicorn, atlanta