Children of Ether
Perkins Spi2 2016a Multilingual

    • Lyrics [Level Train Crossing].
    • Well this is murder
      Yea, On the dog train
      When all the brakes have failed
      And I'm going down hill
      And if you see me wave
      Yea, I'm only saying bye bye
      There's not a single tear
      Here in my eyes

      La, La, La ..........

      And if you've heard this before
      Yea, I'm gonna say it again
      But life was easier when
      I didn't have a clue
      Because this is murder
      I'm getting dog tired
      Let's make the world brand new
      How about you

      La, La, La ..........

An ordinary day at the Lego City Level Train Crossing... Subscribe to my main! Follow me on Twitter! Follow me on Daily Booth! * - I used WMM for this so that's why the playback quality sucks **- The first locomotive (BNSF look-a-like) is from a Enlighten Brick set Union Pacific, the second was custom, and will be modified. ***- The hopper wagon, timber car, tender and tanker are also from Enlighten sets

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