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    • Lyrics [Social Security: The Inherent Contradiction (Peter Ferrara)].
    • Nine nine nine four six thirty one seven is my name
      Check my file on your database.
      know where i work and how much i make
      looks like the governments on the take
      well im awake and its so easy to see it all

      know all about us
      so under control
      bank cards show our desires
      our fears and our loyalties
      feed us lies about our protection
      the united house of correction
      big brother hold my hand and protect me

      Social security
      please please control me
      give me all the things you think i need

      looks like im gonna get drunk again
      but i guess you already knew that
      cause a.t.m. has fed the beast within
      this sin i dont think youll mind
      cause the alcohol makes me blind
      to all the seeing eye that watches my number
      taxes my money. keeps the rich happy
      and the poor pushed under like me.

Peter Ferrara is Director of the International Center for Law and Economics and President of the Virginia Club for Growth. He is a graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Law School, and has practiced law with firms on Wall Street and in Washington, DC. In this video, Ferrara lectures at a Libertarian Party of New York conference on his first book, Social Security: The Inherent Contradiction (1980). He describes in detail the problems built into the way the U.S. Social Security system was designed and offers a method of transitioning to a fully privatized retirement-savings model. Download the .mp3 version of this lecture here:

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