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    • Lyrics [Cam'Ron - Get Em Daddy - Instrumental].
    • [Cam'Ron]
      See the problem is I ain't goin nowhere
      Can shoot at me, can stab at me
      Take your best shot (this is the remix)
      Suck a dick no homo
      DipSet, remix, let's go!

      [Hell Rell]
      My flow is novocaine, my bars is hurricanes (Katrina)
      I got hell-a cain, mac in the melon range
      Hop out and shells exchange
      I wanna see these niggaz die die, make they mom feel hell-a pain
      Walk around like I got a broom in my pants
      Na that's a fuckin' A-K, heavy tool in my pants, damn
      Man these cowards better stay in they lane
      And if they ain't getting the picture, it ain't in the frame
      VVS's stay in my chain (bling) they in my ring (There they go)
      You must of wrote your will already if your sayin our names
      Hell Rell, Mr. Ruger Ruger, I'm a shooter shooter
      You hung with the girls you double dutch or hoola-hooper
      Hop skip and jumpin, block clickin and jumpin
      Glock clickin and dumpin, it's the mighty

      [J.R. Writer]
      Listen I'm quite known, nice chrome, a cyclone niggaz
      Ya sight blown, Right-o, my white stones glitter
      Left hand bling, the right one shiver
      Stallion, medallion, a ice cold picture
      The white stone flipper
      That white tone, nights home, getting' rid of the weight like lipo mister
      This psycho sicker
      That ain't crackin' ya pimp, you got a rat as a friend like Mike on Thriller
      This ain't nothing to me, a scrapper at its best
      No rapper could impress, man I'm crack right out the jets
      You rappin indirect
      But it's lookin like a movie shoot
      How they sendin all these damn actors at the set

      [Jim Jones]
      It goes get 'em daddy (Goonies)
      Soul niggaz they sick and flabby, (they washed up)
      Young fly rich and every nigga with me pack heat, (we ballin)
      Somebody snappin pictures at me, (watch me)
      Plus I know I got the F.B.I. sick of me
      The cash the jewels and how we buy exquisite V's
      Don't get ya brains fried to a fricassee
      My vest and my heater, breath full of reefer
      And ya boy stay fly like he was dressin for Easter
      The big Pachorte, Capo the heavy
      Packin 4-4 court case to drop on expressway
      Its DipSet Byrdgang we fly high
      And chart the G-4 we get high in the sky

      I'm Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Bob Backlund
      Paul Akin, ha ha, who they think they car jackin
      You dump and a dump, I slumped and I slump
      They mad my car's like an elephant, the trunk in the front
      See ya dude react, Hud six threw me back, a few they clapped
      But I ate those, them shits is Scooby Snacks
      I ain't see stars, I'm a G pa
      Threw the Lam' in 6th, Drove to the E.R.
      Had to make it hot
      Feel like Pac I know it's set up
      Them old niggaz know I'm bout to take they spot
      Ain't no A.B. - I.O.U.
      Y.B. That'll get 'em up in I.C.U.
      Like I see you at the BP, shot 'em off G.P.
      Guns from VA, PA, down to D.C.
      D.O.A. if you short up on my P.C.
      C-74 switched 'em over to P.C.
      Like Chuck D, we the '06 P.E.
      Fuck me why, I'm in the '06 G.T.
      All about them G's B, we the B.G.
      Byrd Gang Dipset, D.I.P. see
      Like KRS-One, the great B.D.P.
      You wanna join the crew, then you must see me, flee
      (Get 'em Daddy) Got 'em mommy, you my Gotham Bonnie
      Cause I'm Batman with the pump, Johnny Johnny
      (Get 'em Daddy) Honey smile, don't act funny style
      In one ear, yeah yeah, 220 thou'

get em daddy instrumental